Geneva’s XXL is part speaker system, part furniture, part grand piano

genevas xxl is a powerful sound system wrapped in grand piano geneva edit

Swiss audio company, Geneva, unveiled today a colossal piece of home theater goodness, the new XXL. Packing a powerhouse of sound encased in an elegant wooden cabinet, the stand alone system has everything you need to drive your home theater including Bluetooth, Airplay, multiple hardwired inputs, and even a modular cabinet space for your Blu-ray player and other components.Geneva-XXL-Open edit

Resting beneath the XXL’s mirrored finish are seven individually powered drivers, including an 8-inch subwoofer, in a five-chambered acoustic enclosure. The XXL is powered by a seven-channel Class-D amplifier packing a total of 589 watts of power, with bass response reaching subwoofer-like depths of 35Hz. Other specs for the system include DLNA-capable streaming with Wi-Fi and Ethernet support, FM and DAB (digital audio broadcasting) radio tuners, three HDMI 1.4 inputs, 5.1 and stereo analog inputs, coaxial and optical/TOS-link digital inputs, and an IR repeater.

Geneva’s new XXL system comes in either black, red, or white piano lacquer finish, and can support up to 65-inches of flat screen TV real estate atop its wooden frame.

We’ve seen a lot of all-in-one sound systems in our day, but the XXL just might be the most beautiful. Of course, at $3,500, it’s also plenty expensive. Still, if you’re looking for a succinct and minimalist home theater solution that looks as pretty as it sounds, the XXL appears to be a formidable candidate.

Geneva-M-Wireless editAlso available from Geneva today is a range of 50’s style retro-modern wireless speakers, including the Geneva Model XL ($2,300), the Geneva Model L ($1,200), and the Geneva Model M (pictured left), which is essentially a $600 feature-packed alarm clock. Like the XXL, the wireless speakers are available in black, white, or red, and also swap the piano lacquer for a softer walnut finish.

Obviously the new Geneva lineup is aimed at the affluent, and it certainly is gorgeous. You can get your hands on any of Geneva’s new wireless wonders from its website right now. 

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