GenosTV Cyclops Aims to Be Perfect Universal Remote

GenosTV may not exactly be a household name, but they’re working on a cable television service that, among other things, will enable celebrities, businesses, and ordinary folks to create their own television channels and earn revenue directly off subscribers. While the cable TV offerings aren’t set to launch until early 2011, Genos is also apparently planning to get into the hardware market with the GenosTV Cyclops, a wireless universal remote that will work with televisions and consumer electronics devices, as well as game consoles and cell phones. Originally designed to be the remote for a GenosTV set-top box, the company is busting the Cyclops out into its own product that should hit the market in time for the end-of-year buying season.

genostv cyclops aims to be perfect universal remote

“This is the coolest controller you have ever seen,” enthused Genos founder Rob Shambro, in a statement. “It is just the beginning of many bleeding edge products and services coming from our company. We are typing more and more with one or two fingers. The Cyclops could be the wireless keyboard of the future.”

Reportedly created by Shambro initially using Play-Doh to shape the design, the Cyclops is essentially a disk with a smooth QWERTY keypad, large thumb-driven media controls at the bottom, and a modified D-pad with a large button right in the middle. Genos claims the Cyclops will be the “most ergonomically correct” controller on the planet, “engineered perfectly” for two-handed use. A version will work with consumer electronics devices, and Genos is also planning a version for game consoles. Some (or all?) versions of the controller will also feature Bluetooth technology so they can pair with cell phones, offering more ergonomic messaging capabilities for heavy texters.

Genos says it’s taking orders now, but also notes the product is now “ready to go to manufacturing,” so it’s not as if anyone will be setting hands on one soon—like GenosTV, right now it’s all talk and no substance from a consumer’s point of view. No pricing or specifications have been released, and Genos says only that the Cyclops should be on the market for the end-of-year holidays.

Genos is based in Las Vegas, and is a subsidiary of Shambro’s ShambroWest Corporation. However, it’s roster of talent includes Kevin Bachus, who was one of the creators of Microsoft’s original Xbox console system, although he left Microsoft way back in 2001.

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