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Good Luck To You, Leo Grande trailer showcases Emma Thompson

What do you want out of life? For most people, the answer boils down to something that will make them happy. It’s the definition of happiness that changes from person to person. In the upcoming film, Good Luck To You, Leo Grande, Emma Thompson plays an older woman named Nancy whose life has been unfulfilled. Following the death of her husband, Nancy yearns for the kind of sexual experiences that she has only been able to fantasize about. For once in her life, Nancy wants to be happy. And that’s where a sex worker named Leo Grande (Daryl McCormack) enters the picture.

In the new trailer for Good Luck To You, Leo Grande, Nancy tells Leo all about the positions and activities that she wants to partake in, even if it makes her blush. Leo is notably OK with all of it, but he seems particularly skilled at finding ways for Nancy to become more comfortable with both herself and her desires.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE | Official Trailer | Searchlight Pictures

Here’s the official description of the movie, courtesy of Searchlight Pictures.

“In Good Luck To You, Leo Grande, two-time Academy Award winner Emma Thompson (Love Actually) embodies the candor and apprehension of retired teacher Nancy Stokes, and newcomer Daryl McCormack (Peaky Blinders) personifies the charisma and compassion of sex worker Leo Grande. As Nancy embarks on a post-marital sexual awakening and Leo draws on his skills and charm, together they find a surprising human connection.”

Isabella Laughland also stars in the movie as Becky, with Charlotte Ware and Carina Lopes as a pair of waitresses. The cast appears to be deliberately small in order to focus on Nancy and Leo’s story.

Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack in Good Luck To You, Leo Grande
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Good Luck To You, Leo Grande was directed by Sophie Hyde from a script by Katy Brand. Fans in the United Kingdom will be able to see it theatrically. However, Searchlight is sending it direct to Hulu in the United States on June 17.

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