Griffin’s Twenty Audio Amplifier turns non-powered speakers into Airplay advocates

griffin twenty audio amplifier griffintwenty

Today, Griffin Technology announced the availability of its Twenty Audio Amplifier, which is built to be compatible with Apple’s AirPort Express (original or new) wireless access point. Designed to support wireless streaming from both iTunes and AirPlay-enabled iOS devices, the Twenty aims to provide a solution for audiophiles who favor a clean, modern aesthetic. But while the Twenty is built to look simple, it packs some impressive function beneath its sleek exterior.

The Twenty provides a power socket for an AirPort Express right on its top panel. From there, you’ll need to connect the two using an included TOSLINK optical audio cable.  Link your favorite non-powered speakers to Twenty’s lugs, and voila! You’re jammin’. The amplifier supports the Apple Lossless audio codec, so there are no limitations on sound quality as far as the source is concerned. Speaking of sources, the Twenty will play nicely with any devices sporting optical digital audio output, so we’re not talking about a one trick pony here.

The 2.1 channel sound system boasts 20 watts of output per channel, and — dig this– it includes an output for a powered subwoofer, with an automatic active crossover at 80 Hz. That means any speakers sitting around the house are fair game and, if they don’t provide enough bass, just add in a powered sub. Nice work, Griffin! We’ll definitely be pulling this one in for review to see if it sounds as good as we hope it does. 

The Twenty retails for $100 and, for now, appears to be available solely at Griffin’s website.