Kickstarter-funded HiddenRadio speaker a hidden design gem

hiddenradio speaker bigpic

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Earlier this week, consumer electronics manufacturer Hidden, made its HiddenRadio Bluetooth speaker available for pre-order on its website. The compact, minimalistic speaker doubles as an FM radio and purports to be powerful, despite its diminutive size. Its sleek structure was crafted by award-winning industrial designers John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria and it was originally launched on Kickstarter, an online social funding platform for creative projects.

In addressing HiddenRadio,  Tim Bajarin, president and analyst at Creative Strategies, said, “as innovators like Apple have shown, occasionally a product comes along that just makes ‘sense’ in its design that it changes the way we think about an entire category.”

Whether you’re all about a chic aesthetic, or you’re partial to power under-the-hood, it’s difficult to deny that HiddenRadio is a truly unique product.

Its barely-there visual impact is the reason for the name,  but HiddenRadio, touts advancements in functionality as well. Its interactive cap serves as both power button and volume knob. The more you lift the cap, the more of the underlying speaker is exposed, and the more speaker you expose, the higher the volume goes. Press the cap all the way down and you’ll shut it off. It’s simple, but revolutionary from a design perspective.

HiddenRadio is available via the Hidden website and comes in metallic silver, graphite black, or pure white. Pre-orders are available at a discounted price of $150 and will ship free of charge to the United States, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. This price point will be unavailable after September 30, 2012.