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It’s still not cheap, but this 120-inch Hisense laser TV is $1,500 off

Hisense L9G Laser TV.

There are a lot of great ways to watch the best new movies on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO, and more, but there may be no more immersive — or impressive — way to enjoy your favorite content than with the 120-inch Hisense L9G laser TV. It isn’t particularly affordable, but right now at Best Buy it’s available with a massive $1,500 discount. This brings the price down from $6,000 to $4,500, and while it is steep, there’s plenty of great reasons to rationalize the purchase of this laser TV, with the included free shipping being just the start.

Why you should buy the 120-inch Hisense L9G laser TV

The term “laser TV” is a bit misleading in the sense that this isn’t a traditional television. A laser TV is a projector capable of producing a high quality image on a large space, and with the case of this Hisense laser TV, that space stretches 120 inches. Hisense always makes the list of the best TV brands, so you can purchase knowing you’re getting some quality electronics. Image resolution is 4K UHD, and with the high quality image we’ve had our eye on since this TV was announced back in 2021 at CES, you can settle in knowing you’ve got something that competes with even the best OLED TVs and the best QLED TVs in terms of picture quality.

When it comes to actually putting this TV to use, take note that the 120-inch screen is part of the L9G laser TV package. The projector itself has HDR technology and that 4K resolution, but the included 120-inch ALR screen plays a huge part in produce incredible picture clarity. It works well in both dark and well-lit spaces, so this is a setup you could put almost anywhere in your home. It even has you covered when it comes to a great audio experience, as it has built-in 40-watt Dolby Atmos sound. If you have your own surround sound system, the Hisense L9G laser TV can connect via high speed HDMI for high-bitrate audio.

While the 120-inch Hisense L9G laser TV is an expensive setup, you may not find it much more affordable than it is right now. It would regularly cost $6,000, but today at Best Buy you can save $1,500 and take it home for $4,500.

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