Hisense brings K560 and T710 TVs to Amazon

tv wrapup hisense xt880 4k uhdtvChinese electronics manufacturer Hisense’s desire to expand its presence in the U.S. is a poorly kept secret, if it is one at all. When you lay claim to floorspace normally designated for Microsoft, and do so at America’s biggest consumer electronics event, eyebrows get raised in the US of A.

Now, on the heels of that splash comes another: Hisense has announced that two of its new televisions will now be available on Amazon. The 55-inch T710 and the 65-inch K560 – both showcased at CES 2013 – are full-featured, 3D-enabled Smart TVs, and their presence on Amazon makes a strong statement to the U.S. CE industry.

The company had previously limited its business to a select few big-box retailers, including Costco and Walmart, but it seems it is ready to diversify and carve out a larger market share. More importantly, however, this move positions Hisense to make a power play during the holiday season, when the rubber meets the road for all consumer electronics manufacturers.

Hisense’s TVs have already acquired a reputation for sliding in beneath the price points of competing products, and the company has established itself as a value brand, avoiding the less flattering budget brand tag. If you’re looking for a sure bet, you’re certain to hear plenty more about the Chinese manufacturer that’s making a bid to become the Middle Kingdom’s version of Samsung.