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House of Marley’s new headphones look to provide ‘powerful sound with a purpose’

House of Marley a socially conscious audio outfit distinguished by its support for reforestation and ocean conservation, has released the Positive Vibration XL ANC headphones. These high-performance cans feature active noise cancellation (ANC) technology and memory foam ear cushions, with the goal of allowing you to tune out while you tune in.

The headphones can connect to any Bluetooth-capable device and House of Marley touts their ability to provide deep bass and premium clarity. A pair of 40mm high-definition drivers helps achieve the desired sonic balance and House of Marley claims these cans can blare forth for 35 hours of playing time with ANC off, and 26 with the feature turned on.

One caveat here is that, when we reviewed the company’s Liberate Air earbuds, we found their performance in the upper-mid and high-range frequencies lacking. In other words, a bold, bass-forward sound is nice, but less so when it comes at the expense of the rest of the audio spectrum. We’re not saying that will be the case here, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

They comes equipped with an onboard microphone for hands-free calling and include controls for voice command activation. Another cool feature, which is frustratingly absent from many pairs of headphones, is “monitor mode,” which lets you pause whatever you’re listening to with the tap of a button and pipe in sounds from your surroundings.

Perhaps the coolest perk of all, however, is that these headphones are crafted from sustainable materials, including recyclable aluminum and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood — even the packaging that houses them is 100% recyclable.

That’s par for the course when it comes to House of Marley, which occupies an eco-friendly niche within the industry, but the company’s commitment to its mission continues to be admirable. Even the design of these headphones is earthy and elemental, as opposed to the futuristic aesthetic favored by many manufacturers. They sport a simple, understated look, with circular wood panels on each ear serving as the only embellishments on their satin-black, or satin-copper, exterior.

The Positive Vibration XL ANC headphones retail for $150 on House of Marley’s site, a price point that occupies a nice middle ground between the high-end and budget markets. A USB-C charging cable is included, along with a braided analog cable with an inline one-button control and mic. We haven’t taken them for a spin yet, but we’re always adding new headphone reviews, so stay tuned.

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