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Spotify Wrapped: How to see your top songs and music for 2020

As we all count down the days to the end of this dumpster fire of a year, one good sign that it’s about to arrive is Spotify’s annual “Wrapped,” the music streamer’s year-end roundup of the most-streamed artists, albums, songs, podcasts, genres, and more. And while it’s fun to check out what the world has been obsessed with over the past 12 months (Joe Rogan is apparently this year’s podcast king, while The Weekend’s Blinding Lights raises a middle finger to the Grammys by taking the most-streamed song title), it’s even more fun and interesting to take stock of your own top-listening lists throughout this challenging year.

Accessible on the web, desktop app, and through Spotify’s mobile apps, finding your yearly roundup is pretty simple — just log in to access. So without further ado, here’s how to see your own Spotify Wrapped 2020 top songs and music.

How to access Spotify Wrapped 2020

Spotify Wrapped 2020 home login

Browser or desktop app

If you want to check out your personalized Spotify Wrapped 2020 info, just go to the Spotify Wrapped website using your browser. Here you’ll be able to check out the cool scrolling presentation of what the country has been listening to, or you can log in using your Spotify Premium account creds and get a similar treatment, with an infographic and insights into your 2020 listening habits.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to explore what’s gotten you through the last year, including a 100-song playlist of Your Top Songs of 2020; Missed Hits, which includes a selection of 30 songs the algorithm thinks you might like from the last year; and something called On Record, which mixes your top artists’ songs with podcasts about them.

If you’re a user of the Spotify desktop app, the experience is basically the same, except you won’t get the presentation when you log in. Assuming you’re already logged in, all your 202o Wrapped playlists, as well as a breakdown of playlists for everything from best artists (broken down further to female and male artists), groups, podcasts, genres, and much more. It really is a fun discovery scroll.

On mobile

Most people access Spotify through the app on their smartphone or tablet. Just open the app and you’ll see the Your 2020 Wrapped section on the home tab. Here you’ll be able to swipe through the Top Songs, Missed Hits, and On Record playlists. You can also find a tile for it in the Search section.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 mobile app

Once you tap through to the Wrapped 2020 section, you’ll have a ball swiping through the seemingly endless playlists, including some deep dives like Viral Hits 2020, Best True Crime podcasts, and some pandemic-themed playlists such as Songs That Carried Us Through 2020 and Party at Home Hits of 2020.

Have fun browsing and sharing your listening choices over this past, very unique, year. Here’s to 2021!

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