Hulu Plus hits three million subscriber milestone

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Detailed within a post published earlier today on the official Hulu blog, the subscriber base to the premium $8-a-month Hulu Plus service has grown steadily over 2012 to three million people. The subscriber base hit two million accounts during April 2012 and has doubled since the fourth quarter of last year. The Hulu Plus service had the most significant bursts in subscriber growth during the first and fourth quarter of 2012. This trend lines up with the timing of new programming released on the service by popular broadcast networks during the Fall and Spring television seasons.

Hulu Paying SubscribersWith three million subscribers, Hulu stands to collect approximately $24 million per month in monthly fees over the next year. However, if Hulu Plus continues to grow at the same rate, the company could add another 1.5 to two million subscribers by the end of 2013.

That would put their monthly subscriber revenue between $32 million to $40 million. Hulu is also selling a significant amount of advertising on the service. Total yearly revenue for 2012 came out to $695 million and the streaming video company delivered advertisements for more than 1,000 clients. 

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar noted that the launch of Hulu Kids with content from Viacom’s Nickelodeon was a big part of the growth strategy over the past year. Other content expansion deals during 2012 have included expanded access to older CBS shows like CSI:Miami, greater investment in original programming and the launch of Hulu-exclusive shows like Battleground.

In addition, the development team working on Hulu Plus has made the streaming service available on more hardware over the past year. This includes rolling out on the Nintendo Wii U, Apple TV and a variety of Android tablets including the ASUS Transformer Prime. During 2012, Hulu representatives also upgraded the size of the Hulu video player along with offering Face Match to help users identify actors and actresses within their favorite television shows.