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Get ready to watch a lot of TV with Hulu's new universal Windows 10 app

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In the ongoing crusade to turn the entirety of the world’s population into couch potatoes, Hulu has delivered yet another decisive blow to our will to go outside and perform physical activity. It’s all thanks to its newly launched universal Windows 10 app, this time with Cortana support for smartphones, tablets, and of course, your personal computers.

While Hulu was already available on Windows 10 thanks to its Windows 8.1 app, this newest release allows for a more streamlined, universal viewing experience that works seamlessly across devices. The new Windows 10 specific app features a user interface that adapts to whatever device you’re using. So if you’re ready to watch some Seinfeld, buckle up. It’s gonna be a long (but enjoyable) ride.

While Hulu doesn’t have the same worldwide reach as competitors like Netflix, if you’re in the U.S. or Japan, you can enjoy the many perks this new Windows 10 Hulu app has to offer. Truly integrated into the latest operating system, the app works alongside virtual assistant Cortana as well as Live Tiles, and boasts “an adaptive, responsive layout.” And as the Windows team notes on its blog post announcing the new app, “The Hulu app on Windows 10 is the only version of Hulu available today that uses universal voice search through Cortana.” Because why type when you can speak?

In order to use Cortana to enhance your viewing experience, you simply have to say, “Hey Cortana,” and then the command of your choice. These can include, “Hulu watch Seinfeld,” “Hulu search for Seinfeld,” “Hulu add Seinfeld to Queue.” You get the picture.

And thanks to Live Tiles, you’ll be able to pin the Hulu app directly to your Start menu, which will let you constantly discover new shows and stay totally in the loop on featured shows and latest additions.

You can download the new app from the Windows Store for free, but just be careful. You may never leave your home again.

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