Humax Launches 2004 Digital Flat Panel TV’s

Humax has identified the growing flat panel TV segment as the ideal category for the company’s diversification into the television business. The company’s intent is to leverage their set-top boxR&D expertise to create an new breed of television products that will enhance the consumer’s viewing experience.

Beginning in June 2004, the company will roll out a line of digital flat LCD and plasma TVs that incorporate its new Live Pause feature. Common to DVRs, Live Pause enables viewers to pause, rewindand instant replay live television broadcasts just as they would a DVD. Live Pause will be integrated directly into all of Humax’s Digital Flat TVs without any additional hardware.

For the third quarter, Humax plans to introduce a widescreen 32-inch LCD HDTV outfitted with an integrated ATSC tuner and dual analog tuners for triple picture-in-picture functionality. Humax alsoplans to deliver two new models of 42-inch plasma displays in September 2004 – a standard definition 480P model equipped with dual NTSC tuners followed by a high definition 720P version thatintegrates an ATSC tuner and dual analog tuners.

All models will include component video and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) input and will be equipped with HDCP digital content protection to allow consumers to view available HDprogramming. All models will incorporate built-in stereo loudspeakers.

Starting June 2004, Humax will bring to market a standard definition 20-inch LCD TV equipped with component video inputs and integrated NTSC tuner.

Humax’s TV line is designed to integrate with the décor of the home as well as today’s high-end video components. All of the company’s TVs will feature designs created by the company’s aestheticsconscious in-house industrial design team, located in Korea.

Total connectivity is accomplished by the inclusion of various home theater system control protocols to support compatibility with today’s home automation control systems.

New production lines are currently being prepared to assemble the Flat Panel TV products at Humax’s manufacturing facility in Korea.