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Inateck’s portable BTSP-10 Plus will change your expectations of a $50 speaker

Remember the iPod dock? Probably not very well. Thanks to an explosion of innovation and competition in recent years, Bluetooth speakers have replaced docks with convenient, high-quality wireless streaming and a growing mountain of features. But perhaps the most fortunate result of this new wireless trend is just how far your dollar now stretches in the genre. Case in point: the Inateck BTSP-10 Plus, which boasts solid sound, a 15-hour battery, and rugged construction for a steal of a deal at $50.

The BTSP-10 Plus is just the latest from Inateck, an upgrade from the original BTSP-10 that the company is calling a “Mini HiFi speaker.” While we didn’t find it to be that, exactly, the latest iteration does offer some impressive sound quality from its dual 40mm drivers, which have an aptitude for accuracy, and plenty of punch for a portable that fits in your hand.

The speaker’s body is layered in rubberized plastic and feels robust enough to take a few hits with little to no effect, but light enough to throw it in your pack and forget about it. And thanks to the extremely efficient Bluetooth version 4.0, the speaker is also able to offer an estimated 9-15 hours of battery runtime; plenty for a few days in the woods, and more than we expect from a budget brand.

Other features include an onboard microphone and a 3.5mm Aux input. The speaker doesn’t charge your wireless device — something we expect from most speakers of this design — but frankly, we also expect speakers like this to run you $100. As such, the speaker is redefining expectations in the $50 segment, and we like that.

Hopefully, in a few more years, speakers of this caliber will run us just a 20 spot. For now, if you’re looking for a very affordable way to bring some tunes on the road, Inateck’s BTSP-10 Plus is a great option.

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