InFocus Launches ScreenPlay4805 Projector

It offers crisp, bright, high-contrast image sizes up to nine-feet wide for less than $1,500.

The InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 connects into many home-electronics devices including: DVD players, satellite receivers, high-definition broadcast receivers, TVs, computers and video game consoles, toproject everything from sports to movies and event television. Game enthusiasts can use the InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 with their video game systems to project super-sized characters. InFocus’ScreenPlay 4805 also has a backlit remote control and a smart menu system make it be able to operate even in a dark room.

From its native 16:9 format, which matches movie and high-definition aspect ratios, 750 video-optimized lumens and a 2200:1 contrast ratio, the InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 delivers the bright whites andblack scene detail. The projector also features connectivity for video, from component to s-video and composite inputs, and DVI with HDCP. In addition, the InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 has a 12-voltscreen trigger, which will automatically raise and lower an electronic screen when the projector is powered on/off.

InFocus has integrated the latest technologies from Texas Instruments and Faroudja into several generations of ScreenPlay projectors and the ScreenPlay 4805 continues to use this technology. Theprojector has a color system that uses native 16:9 DarkChip2â„¢ DLP technology from Texas Instruments to create sharper images with life-like colors that won’t deteriorate over time. Also, withFaroudja DCDi processing, the InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 projects images that are sharper and artifact-free ensuring diagonal lines in the image do not have jagged edges.

At 7.8-pounds (3.5 kg)– this lightweight projector can be mounted in your family room on the ceiling or wall, or even placed on a tabletop and then tucked into the closet when not in use.Additionally, the ScreenPlay 4805 has an estimated lamp life of around 3,000 hours.

InFocus ScreenPlay consumer projectors are available at over 3,000 retail outlets nationwide. The InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 is currently available for $1,499 USD and can be purchased at leadingelectronic retailers, home theater dealers, or online at

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