Integra intros their first audio separates

“The introduction of these separate components creates a new opportunity for Integra dealers and custom installers,” said Eric Harper, Integra and Custom Installation Product Manager. “With the DTC-9.4, they can package systems incorporating performance levels and features previously found only on high-end controllers at many times the price. Thanks to the digital amplifier technology we’ve developed for the DTA-9.4, they can now provide high power and exceptional sound in a chassis that will run at full power day after day with no hesitation.”

Integra DTC-9.4 Preamplifier/Processor/Tuner

The Integra THX Ultra2-certified DTC-9.4 is a high performance 7.1-channel preamplifier/processor/tuner that provides optimum performance and control flexibility that is on par with the most advanced audio and video components on the market today. It features decoding of every major surround sound format currently in use, excellent connectivity with balanced XLR outputs for all channels, a CHAD touch-screen LCD remote, and Net-Tune Ethernet client capability which gives it the ability to playback digital music files over a home computer network. The DTC-9.4 is the first multichannel preamplifier/processor to carry the Integra name, and carries an audio and video feature set worthy of a flagship A/V controller. An original design low-jitter clock circuit, dual 32-bit DSPs, and linear PCM 192 kHz/24-bit DACs deliver crystal clear audio performance. The Integra DTC-9.4 will be available in May at a suggested retail price of $2,000

Integra DTA-9.4 “Pure Digital” Power Amplifier

The Integra DTA-9.4 seven-channel power amplifier is the company’s first digital and first multichannel home theater power amplifier. The DTA-9.4 “Pure Digital” amplifier provides exceptional sound quality both through Integra’s exclusive digital technology, and by maintaining optimal power linearity across the full impedance range of modern loudspeakers. It is capable of delivering 120 Watts into seven channels at 8 Ohms, and perfectly doubles that power for 4 Ohm loads, delivering 240 Watts per channel. Designed specifically for multichannel home theater, the DTA-9.4’s unique digital design gives it an operating efficiency of 90%, more than twice that of conventional class AB amplifiers, while at the same time having a smaller “footprint.” It also marks the first implementation of Integra’s Vector Linear PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology, which combines an advanced digital switching topology with sophisticated shaping circuitry for remarkably detailed and efficient audio amplification. The Integra DTA-9.4 will be available in May at a suggested retail price of $3,000.