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Integra unveils its first AV receiver with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Integra DTR-30.5 

Integra has begun shipping its first AV receiver, the DTR-30.5, with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, plus support for pass-through and up-scaling for 4K Ultra HD TVs.

The included Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity is meant to make it easy to stream music from smartphones, tablets and computers, including high-end file formats like FLAC, DSD, ALAC, HD 24/96 and HD 24/192 that are usually found at HD music download services. Integra includes a Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) connection in the receiver to push HD video and 7.1 surround sound from Android phones and tablets that support the feature.

There are six HDMI inputs in total, with two specifically designed for connecting to streaming set top boxes, be it Apple TV, Roku, Boxee Box or Blu-ray players. An Ethernet port for a wired connection is also in the back, along with a USB port and a phono input for connecting a turntable. While music can be played wirelessly, users also have the option of a wired connection via USB or analog audio inputs.

As far as power goes, the DTR-30.5 can handle 7.1 channel Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio processing, with 95 watts of output per channel. The company’s Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) is also inside to lower distortion and maintain a high dynamic range.

Audyssey MultiEQ is included to help installers automate room setup by using the included microphone, while Audyssey EQ and Dynamic Volume are there to provide even more sound enhancements. There are also Powered Zone 2 and Zone 2 preouts, two IR inputs and one for integrating a separate remote control, plus three 12-volt triggers. Those with home automation systems can make use of the bi-directional RS-232 port to lock that in as well.

Integra has also added its new Phase-Matching Bass technology in the DTR-30.5 to further enhance sound quality by optimizing low frequencies and preserving mid-range clarity to ensure the bass doesn’t wash out vocals or string instruments.

On the video side, this is the company’s first receiver to offer 4K pass-through and up-scaling for Ultra HD TVs. Video at 720p or 1080p resolution can be up-converted to 4K using the Marvel QDEO processor inside. An InstaPreview option lets viewers see multiple program sources in a variation of a typical picture-in-picture feature.

The DTR-30.5 is being shipped to dealers this month and will sell for $1,000.

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