Are Jabra’s Sport Pulse wireless earbuds the holy grail for athletes?

Some athletes might call a lightweight pair of wireless earbuds that work like a fitness band the holy grail of fitness wearables. This elusive product remains hard to come by because wireless headphones require a battery. Plus, batteries that can power a Bluetooth device for a useful duration tend to be bulky. Bulky battery means bulky headphones.

Thankfully, Jabra, perhaps best known for its Bluetooth headsets and speaker products, has begun to crack the code. Announced earlier this year and shown off for the first time at IFA 2014, the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds are a compact pair of in-ear headphones that seat securely, and pair with your smartphone. On top of that, in conjunction with a smartphone app, it tracks your workout, and coaches you through it.

Built into the earbuds are a heart rate monitor and a motion sensor which, combined, can not only track your movement, but the intensity of your movement as well. Paired with a smartphone’s GPS, this combined information allows Jabra’s Sport Life fitness app to monitor your progress towards pre-defined goals, and helps you stay on the path to achieving them.

Check out our video to see the new Sports Pulse Wireless Earbuds and accompanying app up close. You can pre-order them now for $200, and they’ll ship Friday, September 19th, right along with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

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