Japanese Shrug off 3D TV Hype

If you believe the hype, the future of home entertainment has arrived, and it is 3D. It seems inevitable. Most of the major manufacturers of televisions, video games, and other forms of home entertainment are all banking on 3D as the wave of the future. Sony made a huge push for the third dimension at E3, Microsoft is planning a patch to make the Xbox 360 3D compatible, and the list of 3D TV makers continues to grow. There might be a slight hitch though: the Japanese – generally the first to receive the cutting edge technology of this sort – aren’t buying.japanese shrug off 3d tv hype image from techxav com

A new study conducted by Kakaku.com and reported by Reuters claims that nearly 70 percent of the Japanese people polled are not interested in upgrading to a 3D TV.

Of those, nearly 70 percent cited the uncomfortable glasses, 57 percent were deterred by the pricing of the sets, and 40 percent blamed the lack of content. The study was conducted online between June 10 and 17, and polled 8,957 people.

Of the three main complaints, two should take care of themselves, as more content becomes available and the cost inevitably drops, but the glasses may be trickier. There are a few other alternatives being worked in, most of which involve projecting 3D without glasses, thanks to special types of screens. That could be coming, but it would likely cost more, and it could be quite awhile before the technology is ready. Plus, the people that so invest in the current generation of 3D technology are unlikely to be thrilled at the prospect of needing to upgrade their TVs yet again.

This could all change as soon as prices begin to fall and more content is available, but for now – in Japan at least – the future might remain decidedly flat.