The JLab Bouncer Bluetooth speaker aims to pound out your tunes

jlab bouncer bluetooth speaker

After crashing the scene with its Bluetooth-enabled Crasher speaker, JLab is looks to deliver the more refined JLab Bouncer. While the name may evoke the sort of speaker system that Patrick Swayze would have had next to him while playing one of his trashy tough-guy roles, this Bluetooth speaker is far more buttoned down and distinguished. Rather than a rough and ready brawler, the Bouncer is more akin to a tailored suit-styled bodyguard that still means serious business.

It is available in white or midnight black, thus evoking the look of a tuxedo a suave superspy might wear to impress the ladies. And like any super-spy’s piece of equipment, it aims to deliver as well, offering two 12-watt “super drivers” with dual, rear-firing bass ports,  all the while providing what the company promises will be “room filling sound” from its signature sound curve technology.

It isn’t short on connectivity options either, and is compatible with an iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or Kindle device, along with just about any other Bluetooth 2.1-enabled gadget from a distance of up to 30 feet. If there is something that it can’t sync up with, there is always the 3.5mm jack. It even features a USB port for charging smart phones and other portable devices.

This Bouncer won’t crack heads, but it might just be able to sooth even the most savage beast as it is meant to exude warm, smooth mids and highs backed by just the right amount of deep bass attitude. And, aside from being used for music, it can double as a communication device with its built-in mic and speaker phone.

The JLab Bouncer is ready to bounce your party now for about $130.

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