Justin Timberlake reincarnates MySpace as MySpace TV at CES 2012

justin timberlake myspace TV ces 2012

Just when you thought MySpace had finally resigned to the same history books populated with sites like Friendster and Pets.com, the ailing social network is showing new signs of life. After taking part ownership in MySpace all the way back in June, entertainment mogul Justin Timberlake revealed his plan to reinvent MySpace as a social media network for watching TV with friends at Panasonic’s CES press conference.

The pitch: With the proliferation of screens and devices for consuming video, TV has gone from a social medium we used to share together to an isolated experience. MySpace TV will enable viewers to not only see what’s trending among friends, but watch it together in real time on different devices. Queue flashbacks to old timey images of families gathered around the console radio.

A trailer for the new service showed friends browsing for shows on an iPad using the MySpace companion apps, playing them on connected TVs, then sending them to friends’ TVs, smartphones and tablets to share. All the experience of watching TV together, sans huddling.

Though details of exactly where this content will come from remain scarce, Timberlake was quick to emphasize that MySpace TV will truly be a television platform, not an online video platform. The same primetime shows you watch and talk about around the water cooler should be available on MySpace TV. Somehow.

Why a Panasonic press conference? Panasonic will be one of the first TV companies to support MySpace TV via its Viera Connect interface.