JVC Claims World’s Thinnest LCDs

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Electronics maker JVC is showing what it claims to be the world’s thinnest LCD televisions with integrated tuners, measuring just 2.9 inches deep at its thickets, but with most of its depth taking up just 1.5 inches. JVC says a new backlight design and power supply chassis enables the backlighting mechanism to be 40 percent smaller than a conventional backlight, and also consumes just 145W, less than a typical LCD TV.

JVC plans to offer the super-thin LCDs in the United States in “early summer” in 42-inch and 46-inch sizes, although no pricing has been announced. The panels will support 1,920 by 1,080p resolution. Both models will sport VESA-compliant mounts for installing the screens on a wall.

Part of the secret of the new screens are optimized light-diffusing plates and reflection sheets that enable the panels to have their backlights much closer to the LCD panel without producing hotspots. The units’ more-efficient power supply also means the display can operate without a cooling fan.