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KEF and Savoir want to help you sleep better with their $115K speaker bed

The Savoir KEF Seventy-Five luxury speaker bed.
Savoir / KEF

Britain’s KEF makes some of the world’s best loudspeakers, just as Britain’s Savoir makes some of the world’s best bespoke beds. In an unlikely partnership, the two companies recently joined forces in the spirit of fostering better sleep. To that end, they announced the launch of the Seventy-Five, a custom-crafted luxury bed loaded with some of KEF’s high-end speakers. Its $115,000 price tag, however, might just keep you up at night.

You may not have heard of Savoir, but its handmade beds are considered by many to be the best in the world. Its storied history dates back to 1905, when London’s famous Savoy Hotel started putting them in their rooms. Since then, Savoir beds have helped the likes of Sir Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn, and Frank Sinatra doze off. These days, the company makes less than 1,000 of them a year.

So why outfit one of its famous sacks with $18,000 worth of KEF speakers? The Seventy-Five, “named for the ideal number of beats per minute in a song to aid relaxation,” a press release says, is Savoir and KEF’s contribution to better health and well-being. It’s aimed at helping lucky Seventy-Five owners destress and sleep better.

The Savoir KEF Seventy-Five luxury speaker bed.
Savoir / KEF

“Music has the potential to transport us, which is exactly what we need in order to fall asleep,” says Savoir’s specialist sleep scientist, Dr. Rebecca Robins, who is a sleep researcher and instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. “In our go-go busy lives, it is easy for the day to fly by filled with work tasks, then bedtime rolls around and many of us can struggle because we have not built in time to relax, unplug, and unwind. Music is one terrific way to separate from your busy day, transport yourself, and prepare the mind and body for sleep.”

If you have (starting at) $115,000 to spare, the Seventy-Five is built around Savoir’s iconic No.2 bed that’s handmade in London and features a soft topper that is “filled with millions of natural micro springs courtesy of swaths of horse tail hair, teased and laid by hand. It takes more than 150 hours to craft.

Embedded in the headboard’s fancy Kvadrat/Raf Simons fabric are two KEF Ci3160REFM-THX reference architectural speakers that retail for $8,000 each, and six of KEF’s $400 Kube 8b subwoofers that are hidden in the base of the bed. Side tables mounted in the headboard are made of dark American walnut and feature wireless charging ports, a special detail Churchill undoubtedly loved.

The Seventy-Five’s pricing starts at $115,093 (excluding installation). If you happen to be in London, you can go have a lie down at the Savoir Showroom on Greene Street, where the Seventy-Five bed will be displayed.

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