Kiss DP-500 networkable DVD player review

Quote from the review:

“The new firmware (2.6.6) adds 3.11 support and was worth the wait. I found it quite good and allowed me to play a good few titles on my Home Theatre PC that were in DivX 3.11 format. The addition of a network port as well as the simple server PC-Link application really signifies that this is the excellent choice for those who have a lot of DivX files.”

Our take: This is a killer DVD player and I would love to have one for the simple fact that it can play movies encoded in the popular DivX format. It looks like regular DVD playback quality is average, and it cannot read MP3’s off of the DVD-R format which is a total bummer. Our recommendation would be to buy yourself a nice upper-end DVD player and use the cheapest Kiss Technology DVD/DivX player they offer for DivX movie playback. Thank you Techseekers for an honest review.

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