Klegg Debuts New Audio And Video Products

Videophiles can take back the space in their living rooms with Klegg’s 3-inch HD TV plasma TVs. Among the thinnest designs available, these elegant 42- and 50-inch models are housed in gorgeous brushed aluminum. The high-definition picture is crisp, bright and incredibly life-like.

Kleggs 17″-, 30″-and 40″-inch LCD TV line offers not only an amazing picture, but versatility. With media slot compatibility for PCMCIA, CF, SD and memory sticks, buyers have the option to view their digital photo collection and more.

Klegg’s EMC 280-DIVA Recorder is a 4-in-1 Media Center, viewers can record up to 200 hours of TV to a built-in hard drive or, using the integrated DVD recorder; burn up to 15 hours of high quality video directly to a standard DVD-R. The Klegg EMC also links to home computer networks to play MP3s, view pictures and stream audiovideo files to the living room. EMC owners can download online movies and surf the web.

Klegg EMC 280-DIVA

Klegg EMC 280-DIVA

Klegg AVR-8899

Klegg AVR-8899 Receiver

For audiophiles looking for a quality built-in sound experience, Klegg introduces a line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. They’ll enjoy the same incredible sound quality found in Klegg’s award-winning surround-sound systems, but with more flexibility than ever.

To tie the Home Theater system together, Klegg offers two universal learning remote models. Fully programmable and integrated with Klegg products, customers can be surrounded by a Klegg Total Home Entertainment solution.

Klegg home theater systems are available in over 80 retail stores across the country. Powered by Klegg’s innovative Human Acoustic Technology, these products replicate natural sounds as the human ear hears them. This technology provides exceptionally accurate and life-like sound reproduction.

“Our new plasma and LCD televisions as well as our EMC DIVA Recorder give customers a complete package to make the most of their home entertainment experience,” said Klegg America President Dennis Gentles. “These products are just as gorgeous as our audio line; plus they are built with the same quality, solid-state parts and implement cutting-edge technology.”

“Since our products became available in the U.S. last February, we’ve attracted a huge fan base,” Gentles said. “We expect to continue to delight our customers and distributors alike with our innovative product releases in 2005.”

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