Krell intros new KAV-400xi amplifier

The KAV-400xi incorporates technology derived from the Full Power Balanced X Series amplifier design that increases bandwidth capability in both the preamplifier and power amplifier stages. Thisimprovement prepares the KAV-400xi for SACD source components that operate as high as 180kHz in frequency range. The KAV-400xi preamplifier section includes a precision rotary volume control that islinked to an amplifier section with 200 Watts per channel into 8 ohms (400 Watts per channel into 4 ohms).

The preamplifier section features Krell’s latest Class A direct-coupled design wherein the entire signal path from input to output is fully balanced. This includes a fully balanced volume control,implemented via fixed resistor attenuators under digital control. The preamp circuits are powered by a dedicated supply with discrete voltage regulators. There is a separate, dedicated power supplyfor all digital control circuits. All signal switching is accomplished via hermetically sealed multiple-contact precision relays. The power amplifier section continues to incorporate proprietaryKrell output and driver transistors. The KAV-400xi employs eight output and four driver devices per channel to deliver output current capability and give long-term reliability. The gain stages useKrell Current Modeâ„¢ discrete Class A, direct-coupled, fully complementary circuitry. The power supply features a massive 800VA toroidal transformer with 55,000 microfarads of filter capacitance.Power supply filtering and decoupling between stages provides low noise and high stability. In addition, the amplifier circuitry features very low negative feedback.

The KAV-400xi provides a high level of operational convenience and functional versatility. Both balanced and single-ended inputs are provided for complete compatibility with source components.Krell’s Theater Throughputâ„¢ mode simplifies integration into home theater systems. The integrated amplifier can be fully operated via a supplied handheld remote control.

US Retail Price of the KAV-400xi is $2,500.00 and begins shipping in this month.