LCD TV Sales To Reach 10M By 2005

LCD TV sales reached an estimated five million units in 2003 and are expected to break ten million by 2005. However, sales of LCD TVs at the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004 were disappointing, leaving channel players with large inventories. However, disappointing sales failed to slow continued investment in next generation lines for LCD TV panels, heating up competition in the LCD TV panel market. This study examines product strategies, customer structure, vertical integration, and production strategy and their relationship to makers’ strategic positioning and competitiveness.

Global LCD TV market scale and sales by panel size; product strategy analysis including size, resolution, and image performance; customer portfolio analysis, vertical integration strategies; production strategies; strategic positioning in terms of panel sizes and rollout speed; prospects for competition between Sharp and LG.Philips in 2004, and Sharp and Samsung in 2005. Key factors for competitiveness in 2006.

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