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‘Best TV ever’ doesn’t really do LG’s unique, otherworldly 4K OLED justice

LG 65EC9700
The Digital Trends TV testing lab has seen a lot of action over the past few weeks, with each major manufacturer’s flagship television doing battle for recognition. We’ve seen something truly great from nearly all of them, some of them managing to redefine expectations for LED/LCD TVs in the future, but none of them can hold a candela to LG’s remarkable 65EC9700 4K UHD OLED television. Simply put: It is the best TV we’ve ever seen.

Prior experiences viewing the 65EC9700 at trade shows like CES 2014 (where the 65EC9700 earned our Best of CES award) had us expecting great things, but now that we’ve had a chance to sit and stare at this television displaying real-world content like Blu-ray movies, broadcast sports, and Netflix streams, we’re officially convinced that there is no better TV a consumer can purchase today.

But just how much better is it?

It’s a lot better. Nothing else comes close, not even LG”s own 55EC9300 1080p OLED, which is itself a highly impressive television. What does it for us is the scale of the TV — 65-inches is better than 55-inches, especially for 4K UHD — the incredible resolution, a top-notch resolution upscaler, perfect black levels, insane contrast, eye-dazzling color, and class-leading WebOS smart TV interface.

Sold yet? Well then, we hope you have deep pockets. The 65EC9700 is available at Amazon for $10,000, and we know that ain’t cheap. But we can’t knock this TV for its lofty price, because we know the row LG had to hoe to get to this point was rife with challenges, and that producing these TVs remains challenging. Fortunately, we know that LG’s commitment to developing OLED is unwavering. So while the future may be years away from being affordable, we can at least celebrate that it is here, today.

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