LG Announces New Picture Enhancing Chip

From LGE’s press release:

LGE is poised to release new digital TVs that adopt the XD Engine, a chip developed to enhance picture quality, as well as to promote the XD Engine as its premier global technology brand. The full lineup of digital TV’s will enable LGE to broaden its related domestic market base.

The XD Engine has improved on the XDRpro, the previous chip that the company developed to enhance picture quality through digital image signal treatment. The XD Engine can perfectly treat digital signals, and resolve problems due to varying signal strengths in the process of transmission, thus improving brightness and contrast two-fold.

The XD Engine is a result of LGE’s continuing research and development on image treatment technology since 1998. Its technology is applied to the core chip set of digital TV’s. In particular, LGE’s digital tuner system on-chip (SoC) received the Presidential Prize in the 7th Superior Electronic Parts Contest in 2002, which was organized by the Electronic Industries Association of Korea, and the 2002 Korea’s Ten Innovative Technologies Prize (the only prize recipient in the division of electronics and information) that was organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy. Those awards proved the chip’s superior features in enhancing picture quality.

LGE is set to additionally apply the XD Engine to all its future digital TV’s to provide picture-perfect quality to customers and reinvigorate the digital TV market.

LGE noted that it came up with the XD Engine chip and the XD Engine as its global technology brands to differentiate its digital TV technology from its competitors. Last year, the company launched the “XDRpro” in the Korean market.

The new digital TV’s have intelligent, large, high-end, and multi-functional features. Likewise, for its major product lineup, LGE now offers premium digital TV’s that have a large screen, a built-in digital tuner to receive digital broadcasts, and HDR, all in a single unit.

Meantime, the 60-inch PDP TV with speakers, which was also recently unveiled, is the first of its kind worldwide. It boasts of the finest picture and sound to awe the audience.

The PDP TV, which is equipped with high-performance speakers on both sides, offers wider and livelier sounds than TV’s with speakers at the bottom of the unit.

Also, the new PDP TV, which is internally equipped with a digital tuner, can receive high-definition digital broadcasts without using a separate receiver, thus defining a new trend for PDP TV’s.

LGE now boasts of a full lineup of products, ranging from the 60-inch PDP TV’s and 42-inch LCD TV’s with speakers, and HDR-combined LCD TV’s to DLP PJT convergence digital TV’s (MD PJT). As such, LGE aims to meet wide-ranging consumer needs by widening their selections, and is set to reinforce its marketing campaigns and to continually broaden the base of domestic digital TV demand.

Meantime, LGE built digital TV plants last year in North America (Mexico), Europe (Poland and Wales), and China, the three biggest markets for digital TV’s as part of its bid to aggressively penetrate overseas markets. The company is now set to drive region-specific marketing campaigns, and provide products that are tailored to meet consumer needs.

LGE DDM President Nam. K. Woo said, “We will further solidify our leadership in the domestic market with our sophisticated technological prowess in digital displays and a superior product lineup. We will also aim to reach the global top position in the digital TV sector earlier than expected by offering a lineup of innovative products and launching premium-brand marketing campaigns.”