LG Develops Brightest And Darkest PDP

From LG’s press release:

LGE has successfully developed a PDP that boasts the world’s highest brightness at 1500cd/m2 (1.5-2 times the industry’s average) and contrast ratio of 5000:1, thus demonstrating again its exclusive technological superiority in the PDP industry.

To implement the world’s highest brightness and contrast ratio, LGE formed a 20-member research team including five doctoral holders to develop the following technology over the last year with an investment of 3.5 billion won.

▲ Peak enhanced technology (PET) needed to implement high brightness
▲ Technology enabling a high contrast ratio by implementing ‘real black’
▲ New ASIC technology
▲ Algorithm to improve picture quality

Also, in March during CeBit 2004, the world’s largest fair in multimedia electronics and information, held in Hanover, Germany, LGE unveiled a 42-inch PDP that features a brightness of 1,500:1 and a contrast ratio of 5,000:1, receiving much acclaim from buyers and viewers.

LGE, in 2003, became the world’s first to develop the K/K PDP module with brightness of 1000cd/㎡ and contrast ratio of 1000:1, and is currently applying a contrast ratio of 3000:1 to all its models.

LGE is set to commercialize the PDP with the world’s highest brightness and contrast ratio in the first half of this year, and will apply it to all its models within this year.

Kim Han-soo, Vice President of LGE’s PDP division said, “LGE will gain a 30% share in the global PDP market by 2005, thus consolidating the world’s top spot, by securing notch-ahead advanced PDP design and process technologies and the world’s largest PDP production capacity.”