LG Display pares down 4K/Ultra HD screens, augments expectations

LG 84 inch 4K TVAs breathtaking as the 84-inch monsters we’ve seen ruling the 4K/Ultra HD roost are, the smaller iterations are probably more important in terms of the technology’s commercial viability. That’s why when we came across Twice’s report that LG Display – a manufacturing arm of LG – would be bringing 55-inch and 65-inch 4K/UHD models to Sin City for CES, we raised an eyebrow.

The behemoths that virtually everyone is showcasing at this point just don’t fit conveniently into most living rooms and they don’t fit at all into others.  LG Display’s decision to debut more manageable sizes seems a practical one. Moreover, it is the kind of decision that an industry leader makes.

So says  Sang-Beom Han, LG Displays president and CEO, who Twice quoted as saying, “the products exhibited at CES 2013 reaffirm both our reputation as the field’s leading innovator, as well as ability to deliver market-winning solutions to customers around the world.”

LG Display is behind LG’s panels, but also produces for an untold number of other outfits in the consumer electronics industry. In addition to the two TVs, LG plans to unveil a 4,096 by 2,160, 30-inch 4K-by-2K monitor, that it says represents the highest-resolution computer monitor to date.

Perhaps that’s why LG Display believes it is “poised to dominate the emerging Ultra HD premium display market.” The way things look so far, we have little reason to doubt that assertion.