LG goes passive with CF3D polarized 3D projector

lg goes passive with cf3d polarized 3d projectorAfter sporting a pair of lightweight horned-rimmed glasses to see movies like Avatar in theaters, the heavy, battery-powered active shutter glasses required for home 3D viewing can be a major turnoff, even for the most determined 3D enthusiasts. LG will become one of the first consumer companies to toss away the bulky technology and emulate the big screen with the CF3D home projector, which offers passive 3D for the home.

At a distance of 10 feet, the CF3D throws a screen of 100 inches, more than enough screen for 10 people to enjoy with the 10 pairs of lightweight, polarized 3D glasses included with the projector. Need more? You can pick them up for about $10 a pair online from a number of third parties, or simply “forget” to return the pair with your next 3D movie, if you’re crafty.

As for specs, LG claims the CF3D produces 2,500 ANSI lumens when displaying 2D content, and 1,250 with 3D content – a natural side-effect of sending light to only one eye at a time. According to LG, the LCOS panel produces a contrast ratio of 7,000:1.

In our brief demo, the CF3D maintained excellent, theater-caliber brightness and more importantly, zero “crosstalk,” a ghosting effect that occurs when active-shutter LCD glasses can’t keep up with the rapid refresh rate of modern TVs and allow some of the image meant for one eye into the other eye. On the other hand, it also seemed to lag behind active-shutter models in sharpness.

But just because you won’t have to spend another $1,000 on active-shutter glasses for the whole family, don’t think the CF3D will let you get away cheap. The projector is available now from LG for $14,999, so you had better stock up on a couple hundred pairs of 3D glasses to start realizing savings.