LG breaks the rules, announces new Google TVs ahead of 2013 International CES

lg google tv ga7900 02 jpgWhile most of the big players in the consumer electronics biz are busy keeping their 2013 product plans under wraps, LG is breaking with convention by revealing a sizable chunk of its 2013 A/V lineup in advance of the forthcoming 2013 International CES trade show. Today, LG begins its four-day disclosure campaign by announcing an expanded suite of Google TVs – and we’ve got all the juicy details. 

This year, if you wanted a TV with Google’s Smart TV platform built into it, you had no choice but to go for LG’s 55-inch G2. Next year, consumers will have a much broader choice of sizes. LG will be offering a total of seven Google TV-equipped models, including two premium versions in its ultra-slim Cinema Screen series. 

LG says it will offer its GA6400 series in 42, 47, 50, 55, and 60-inch screen sizes, and its premium, nearly bezel-less GA7900 series in 47 and 55-inch sizes. All of the new models will run on version 3 of the Google TV platform, powered by a dual-core CPU that LG claims enables faster menu navigation, video streaming, and Internet browsing. 

LG has also overhauled its TV user interface and its Magic Motion remote. The new motion-controlled remote now features a QWERTY keyboard for lg google tv ga7900 03 jpgeasier text entry. Its built-in microphone will allow users to take advantage of enhanced voice command capability as well as Google’s relatively new voice search feature. LG says users will be able to use search terms such as “Sci-fi thriller” to  sort through content, and direct the TV to switch to specific channel numbers or networks by name with simple voice commands. 

Android users will have the benefit of streaming YouTube content directly to the TV over a local Wi-Fi network, and gamers can expect an On-Live app pre-installed for access to cloud gaming. 

Naturally, LG is saving some details for CES. We don’t have any prices to go with the new models, and we don’t know when the TVs will become available for purchase. 

Tomorrow will bring further news regarding LG’s A/V lineup, so be sure to check back to see what else the company has up its sleeve for this year.