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Catch your favorite show and keep mosquitoes away with LG’s bug-free TVs

lg mosquito repellent television away tv
Multifunction electronics isn’t an entirely new concept, but when such devices combine normally unrelated functions, you can’t help but take notice. Case in point, LG Electronics’ new mosquito-repelling television sets. LG starting selling bug-free TVs in India in mid June, according to Reuters.

Called “Mosquito Away Technology,” the dual-purpose TVs use ultrasonic sound waves to make the skeeters scoot. Humans can’t hear the sounds, which are above the frequency levels we detect, so they likely won’t detract from watching television. And if the technology works, of course, it will be easier to enjoy a show or a film without having to dodge and swat mosquitoes.

The televisions are available in 32-inch and 43-inch models, priced at $394 and $706, respectively. According to LG, the mosquito-repelling technology works when the television is on or off. The company also says the mosquito-repellent feature is built into some air conditioners and washing machines sold in India. An independent lab in India has certified that the technology actually repels mosquitoes, LG told Reuters.

The TVs are targeted at consumers in relatively low-income areas in India who live in conditions where mosquitoes are most likely to be a problem. LG developed the technology prior to the news about the spread of the Zika virus, but of course, mosquitoes have long been recognized as a common carrier of many diseases including malaria and dengue.

While an LG Electronics spokesperson said the mosquito-ridding televisions will also be sold in Sri Lanka and the Philippines starting in July, there are no plans for distribution to other areas. LG also stressed that other mosquito deterrents should still be used.

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