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LG unveils three new speakers, each offering 360 degrees of sound

IFA 2016 is fast approaching, and as with many tech trade shows, companies are jumping farther and farther out with their announcements. LG, for example, has just announced that it will debut not one, not two, but three new speakers offering 360-degree sound at the show: the PH2, PH3, and PH4.

“LG’s new line of Bluetooth speakers combine powerful sound performance with compact, portable design,” LG Electronics USA senior director of product marketing for home entertainment Tim Alessi said in a statement. “Understanding the busy lifestyles of many of today’s consumers, we sought to create a diverse lineup of audio products that deliver a seamless listening experience in any situation or setting.”

The smallest of the speakers, the PH2 resembles a hockey puck, a style we’ve seen used in speakers from other manufacturers. It’s lightweight, splash-proof, and includes a carrying strap, a combination that makes it perfectly for being carried on the go. It’s not exactly a powerhouse — no speaker this size really can be — but LG claims the 2.5-watt amplifier can still provide plenty of bass for a speaker in this form factor. Battery life is claimed as up to six hours.

While the design of the PH2 is similar to other speakers we’ve seen before, the PH3 takes a wholly different approach by mimicking a candle — right down to the included light, which can shine in five different multicolored modes. This model uses a 3-watt amplifier, but due to the larger size and included passive radiator, bass is likely handled better than the smaller PH2. The larger size also makes for improved battery life, at up to 10 hours of playback time.

The PH4 returns to design sensibilities we’ve seen before, similar to the UE Boom, JBL Flip, and other cup holder-friendly speakers. This model also happens to be the largest and loudest, packing a 16-watt amplifier. Dual passive radiators make this speaker the best equipped for bass, and the larger size means that despite the beefed-up amp, it still offers up to 10 hours of music.

Each model offers both Bluetooth connectivity as well as an included 3.5 mm auxiliary jack, allowing for wired devices like older MP3 players and CD players to connect. Two models can be paired at once, for dual mono playback. Each model — even the smaller PH2 — features a Bass Boost setting. We’re going to wait until we’ve had a chance to have some hands-on time with these speakers before extolling the virtues of this feature, but you certainly can’t fault LG for trying.

The company isn’t yet sharing details about the pricing of these speakers, but all three models are planned to launch in the U.S. this fall. The speakers will be on display at the LG booth next month in Berlin at IFA 2016.

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