LG’s 65-inch 4K OLED TV will be first to hit the U.S. market

At IFA 2014 today, LG confirmed with Digital Trends that its 65-inch curved 4K OLED television (model: 65EC9700) could start appearing on US store shelves as early as the end of this month. That makes LG’s Ultra High Definition OLED television the first to hit the consumer market, and it won’t be the last, either.

Updated on 9-05-2014 by Caleb Denison: We have removed the $7,000 price we had listed for the TV. Though we were told by a reliable source, it turns out that there is no final price yet.

Later this year, we can expect to see LG’s 77-inch curved 4K OLED — which won Digital Trends’ Best of CES 2014 award — made available for purchase as well. That television, which was originally referred to as the 77EC9800, will now be released as the 77EG9700. Exact pricing has not yet been disclosed for the US market, but is rumored to be around $20,000.

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LG is also toying around with a 55-inch curved 4K OLED TV, which it showed for the first time here at IFA 2014. In our video, you can see that it is one of the thinnest televisions ever made. Even LG, though, is questioning how well a 55-inch Ultra HD television may be received, considering many believe the benefits of the heightened resolution are unnoticeable at the smaller size.

Regardless, LG’s entire lineup of 4K OLED televisions are proof that the company is serious about bringing the display technology — which has been notoriously difficult to manufacture — screaming into the mainstream. If you want to see a 4K OLED TV in action (and you really, really should), you will soon be able to at Best Buy locations across the United States.