LG PX950 first 3D plasma to pass THX certification, starts at $1,999

lg px950 first 3d plasma to pass thx certification starts at 1999 50px950 2

While it might not be quite as impressive as passing a bar exam, GRE, or whatever astronauts pass to become astronauts, LG’s new PX950 plasma has passed THX certification – and it’s the very first 3D plasma to do so.

lg px950 first 3d plasma to pass thx certification starts at 1999 50px950According to LG, the exam entails 400 different tests, including evaluating left and right eye images for color accuracy, crosstalk, viewing angles and video processing performance, plus the standard battery of THX tests in 2D mode.

The PX950 debuted at CEDIA 2010, giving us a shot to see if first hand, and well, it looks pretty darn good. While it might not quite pass the same muster as Panasonic’s top-tier 3D plasmas, thePX950 does an admirable job for its price tag, and even includes a 2D-to-3D conversion process that LG was brave enough to demonstrate for journalists – unlike the majority of its competitors who would prefer to keep it as a bullet point on a spec list. Perfect? Not by any means, but it lent a pop to whatever 2D content passed through it, and 20 different levels of intensity make it possible to find a comfortable middle ground between “obviously faked” and “flat as a pancake.”

Besides its 3D capabilities and THX cred, the PX950 boasts a 2.1-inch-thick profile, NetCast connectivity (which entails access to Netflix, Vudu, Yahoo Widgets, YouTube and Picasa) plus LG’s TrueBlack filter for better black levels.

Perhaps most tantalizing for folks who might actually want to plant one in their living rooms, the PX950 will come in both 50- and 60-inch versions, priced rather reasonably at $1,999 and $2,999.