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LG said to be working on an HDTV using Google TV

Google-TVWhile Logitech certainly had no problem badmouthing Google TV and the ill-timed launch of the Logitech Revue, television manufacturer LG is working on a panel that utilizes Google TV according to a report from Bloomberg. The first public display of the HDTV utilizing Google TV is scheduled to take place at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas during early January. While company officials from Google and LG have declined to comment on the report, this means LG will join both Vizio and Samsung with development of a Google TV-enabled product. Since the poor performance of the Logitech Revue, Google has been looking for more partners to increase support for the concept.

The original concept for Google TV was providing consumers with a simple way to search for video found on the Internet, everything from silly YouTube videos to network programming on sites like Hulu. Unfortunately, major content providers like the main networks as well as Hulu blocked any consumers attempting to access television shows and other content during the second half of 2010. While Dish Network has promoted access in Google TV, Sony and Logitech experienced dismal sales in Google TV products due to lack of interest. It’s likely that Sony won’t debut any new panels utilizing the Google TV operating system at CES next year. Critics were also quick to jump on the flaws of Google TV at launch due to the incomplete design of the software.  

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Google recently pushed out revisions to the software designed to streamline navigation, bring Android applications to Google TV users and improve the quality of search engine results on the system. Google also recently announced the first pornography channel for Google TV that features content from adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment. The strategy is opposite from Apple’s approach with the app store where apps featuring pornography are not allowed. 

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Sony expands Google TV integration, resurrects the Walkman, issues new earphones and speakers
sony expands google tv integration resurrects the walkman issues new earphones and speakers dsc 1101 625

Sony's predictably large-scale press conference yielded a few surprises, though not the sort we were anticipating. New additions to the A/V category included the return of the Walkman, some balanced armature earphones, version two of Sony's foray into the audiophile speaker market, some new Google TV products, a new LED TV technology, the Fresh Prince and an American Idol. 

If you remember Kool and the Gang, then you probably recall the Walkman-the first world’s first easily portable music player. Now back from an electronics coma, the new Walkman looks a carbon copy of an iPod Touch at first glance but, in truth, is pure Sony. The Z1000 series Walkman runs on Android Gingerbread, offering access to the Android app market, and sources content from Sony's online music catalog. Sony says Windows users can easily port their iTunes catalog or Windows Media tunes over to the Walkman using a provided transfer system. The new Walkmen also feature built-in digital amps for what Sony describes as superior audio output. The 8G Z Series will retail for about $249.99, the 16G for about $279.99 and the 32G for about $329.99.

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Google TV continues with software upgrades, refreshes Photos and YouTube

Google has been hard at work trying to improve Google TV. And despite some extremely-well documented issues (most notably being called a “gigantic mistake” by manufacturing partner Logitech), the interface refresh has been well-received.
Google is really trying to stay the course with this one and weather the ensuing storms, and that commitment is playing out today with updates to Google TVs YouTube and Photo applications. Much of the YouTube update is similar to the site’s update, making the UI more personalized and putting focus on your playlists. Which, we assume, will become increasingly important as Google continues to turn YouTube into a professional platform.
The Photo app has a new tool called Discover, which is something like a screensaver of your uploaded images as well as those from your Flickr and Picasa accounts. It creates a slideshow of these pictures either to find old memories or as background.
These aren’t exactly necessary updates, but they do improve the software. But really, the heart of the problem lies in contentious relationships with manufacturers and content rights holders. Until both of those can be straightened out, Google TV will stay stuck in limbo. On a more positive note, it could be part of an upswing: Samsung said it will release Google powered TVs next year. And after last year, it might be smart for Google to take some baby steps like a UI refresh and app updates. 

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Samsung set to debut Google TV televisions in 2012

Electronics giant Samsung, the world's largest TV manufacturer, confirmed today that it is in final talks to bring Google TV software to its television lineup, reports Reuters. The addition of Google TV is part of Samsung's initiative to increase its offering of "smart" TVs, which connect to the Internet.
News of the addition of Google TV-enabled televisions comes from Yoon Boo-keun, president of Samsung's TV division. He also said that the company plans to unveil the first sets with Google TV at an event next year, but refused to elaborate on the exact event. However, it is likely that Samsung's Google TV debut will come at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which takes place in the first half of January, and is among the most major events in the consumer electronics arena.
LG also has plans to release a Google TV-powered television. But according to Yoon, Samsung's offering will differ noticeably from its competitors' televisions.
In October, Google completely revamped the design and user interface of Google TV. Much more simple that the earlier iteration of the software, the new and improved Google TV is far more simply and easy-to-use, and resembles Android 3.0 Honeycomb in look and feel. Google also updated the search functionality, making it easier to find online programming. And Google has also begun to add the option of using Android apps on Google TV, as well.
So far, Google TV has failed to gain much ground. Part of this is due to the fact that all the major networks have blocked Google from playing their streaming content. This is one thing that will have to change before Google TV can become a true force in the TV industry.
In addition to Google TV-powered sets, Yoon says that Samsung also plans to debut its next-generation OLED displays at CES 2012. OLED displays — small versions of which are widely used on the newest generation of smartphones — are thinner, brighter and use less energy than LCD displays.

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