LG’s 2012 TV lineup includes 55-inch OLED, Google TV, gesture control

lgs 2012 tv lineup includes 55 inch oled google gesture control dsc 0683 625Press day at CES 2012 kicked off early this morning at 8:00 with LG’s press conference announcing its new product plans for 2012. As expected, the A/V category isn’t enjoying any revolutionary advances — LG’s home appliances seem to have gotten all the love this year — but LG does have some impressive looking TV’s and a few clever tricks to refresh it’s A/V line this year. 

Perhaps the most impressive practical new development in LG’s back pocket is its Nano Full LED Cinema screen design, which has the company looking strong in the battle to achieve the thinnest LED backlit TV possible. With a bezel that is just 1.0 mm wide and a total depth of just 28mm, the TV gets closer to that “window” look that folks love so much. From our seat, the black levels and contrast appeared pretty impressive. We look forward to getting up close and personal with the new line at LG’s booth tomorrow.

In general, LG’s TV’s have gotten smarter, faster and bigger. LG revealed that it is now producing its own quad-core GPU chips and has boosted its Smart TV platform with HTML 5 and Flash 10 compatibility for a richer Internet browsing and video experience. It’s LED line is now available in sizes as large as 72 inches.

LG’s Magic remote got a little smarter, too. It now features a scroll wheel for even faster browsing of LG’s over 1,200 apps using its existing gesture-based system. In addition, LG is now offering a 3D camera similar to the Xbox Kinect for body-motion gaming.lgs 2012 tv lineup includes 55 inch oled google gesture control lg 625

From there, things get a little weird. LG announced it was partnering with Google to produce its own line of Google TV’s, however this announcement conspicuously lacked the fanfare that was lent to its other announcements. Shortly after that, LG’s execs literally unveiled its 55-inch  3D OLED TV, which we all expected. However, after the cloth was ripped away from the display and the shutters and flashes subsided, LG quickly moved on. Like… “Hey, here’s out OLED TV. Looks neat, huh? Now check out this fridge!” 


Equally glazed over was what we’ve been looking forward to most: LG’s 84-inch 4K-or as LG wants to call it “Ultra Definition”- TV. We expected to have to wait to see the mammoth display, but thought LG would have a little more to say about it. Instead, it got a treatment similar to the Google TV announcement.