LG’s Promoting New Blu-ray Players in US

lg-blu-rayLG Electronics (LGE) launched their brand new, innovative blu-ray players of 2010 at ‘Consumer Electronics Show 2010′ (CES). LG Electronics strengthened their strategic alliance with content-developing enterprises and thus will target the blu-ray players market. Kang shin-ik, LGE’s head of operations said, “The combination of our technology and partnerships with content-making corporations has paved the way to control over the blu-ray players market.”

LGE will start the engine to dominate the blu-ray players market in North America; LGE’s advanced blu-ray players can run movies, music, and other entertainment content such as weather forecast via Internet that is a super plus. Moreover, it adopted the function of NetCast that enables the users to use various contents by simply pressing on the shortcut. NetCast embodies the whole mechanism of online content services that are applied to broadband TV, blu-ray players, and home theaters.

LGE has empowered their alliance with content-developing firms. Specifically, LGE introduced their blu-ray players, in the second half of 2008, that permit Netflix contents. Netflix is America’s number one online movie rental website. Also, LGE added YouTube, the world’s most popular UCC video website, in the first half of last year; hence, the users can watch YouTube videos real time via high-definition blu-ray players. As a result, LGE provides much expediency to its consumers, in which the users can watch more than 12,000 high-quality movies, TV programs and of course UCC videos that get uploaded every minute by 13 hours capacity in their own living room or bed room. All you need is just a simple click and LGE blu-ray players will do all the work for you.

LGE is further expanding their blu-ray network and thus in the near future, they will provide real time sports broadcasting, popular TV shows, and other premium content. To brag more about their blu-ray players, it allows the users to create their own media library where they can select, download movies and music they wish to store. On top of that, its blu- ray players automatically display the music’s specific information that is stored in the online music database, for instance, its’ title, genre, artist, and album.

What’s more tempting is that LGE’s blu-ray player is easily connected to the Internet and other multimedia devices such as Wi-Fi and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). Through DLNA, users can network their PCs at home to run movies and other media files.

LGE designed the product in concord with 2010 borderless TV series and home theaters’ color and pattern. According to the Display search, North American blu-ray players market forecast is bright; 4.44 million were sold in 2009, 7.85 million of blu-ray players are expected to be sold in 2010, and will continue to increase dramatically by 17 million in 2012. In response to this vast expansion of blu-ray market, LGE will double their sales to 2.5 million following from last year’s profit of one million sold. Consequently, LGE’s ambitious plan boils down to selling 1.2 million blu-ray players in North America, the largest market in the world.