Linn Offers EXOTIK Pre-Amp

The product is derived from technology developed for Linn’s KLIMAX Kontrol pre-amplifier.

The EXOTIK offers audio performance from both two and multi-channel source material such as SACD or DVD-Audio. In addition, an RS232 link enables automatic pre-selection of the most appropriatedecoding algorithm or analog channels determined by the disc type being played when used with a Linn UNIDISK player.

The EXOTIK pre-amplifier can accommodate different speaker set-ups, providing optimum performance, supporting bass redirect, stereo sub algorithm and LoRo analog 5.1 to stereo downmixes.

A digital variant of the product is planned for September 2004, the EXOTIK+DA. The EXOTIK+DA will be an enhanced product which includes an additional digital audio module for processing of all majoraudio algorithms, including Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic II & Music mode, AAC Surround, MPEG Surround, DTS Surround, DTS 96/24, DTS CD, DTS EX Matrix & Discrete. Thismeans movies or music available only in stereo can be enjoyed in the latest multi-channel surround formats for an authentic cinematic sound experience.

The EXOTIK+DA product has on-board processing capabilities to enable those who already own a two-channel source product (e.g. a GENKI or IKEMI CD player) to enjoy their existing CD collection in amulti-channel surround format, without upgrading to a multi-channel source product. A digital audio module will be available as an upgrade to enable EXOTIK owners to access EXOTIK+DA productfunctionality at a later date.

Both versions of the EXOTIK pre-amplifier feature RC5 input and output sockets for direct integration with other Linn products and incorporate a proprietary user interface, for simple set-up and easeof control. Integrated KNEKT Line Driver and Line Receiver functionality enable both EXOTIK products to be introduced into a new or existing KNEKT multi-user, multi-room audio distributionsystem.

Linn’s EXOTIK pre-amplifier is available to order now for $3,250.