Lite-On LVD-2002 DVD player review

Quote from the review at Whining Dog:

“If you’re in the market for a good DVD player and a great MPEG4 player (and you don’t care about playing back images directly off of a CF card or memory stick), then the Lite-On LVD-2002 is the player to look at. If you already have the LVD-2001, then there’s no real point in obtaining the 2002. Wait until there’s a dramatic feature increase before getting a newer model. There is one nice consequence of the lack of the PCMCIA interface – the LVD-2002 is cheaper than the 2001 (though not by a whole lot). On the support front – Lite-On continues to improve their home DVD players with frequent firmware releases. The DVD player was fairly quiet during operation and the discs were not as warm to the touch as they were with the 2001 after a few hours of operation. I found the LVD-2002 to be very stable during our testing period with the caveats listed earlier in the article. This player has a lot to offer for first time DVD player owners and should be on the radar for anyone looking to upgrade from an older player. Individuals with access to a great deal of MPEG4 media will truly appreciate the ability to play the videos on a large TV screen. If the first two DVD players from Lite-On are any indication, then I truly can’t wait to see what is in store for 2004.”

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