Logitech’s Harmony adds Sonos integration and speech-to-text search

logitechs harmony brings sonos integration and speech to text search app i5

Logitech announced this morning that it has integrated Sonos support and voice search functionality into its Harmony Ultra and Harmony Smart Control devices. As a result, users of the remote control-esque Harmony line can now control more devices, including Sonos wireless hi-fi speakers such as the Play:1 and Playbar. The voice search update allows users to search their streaming devices (including the newly compatible Amazon Fire TV) for content via the Harmony App, which is available in both iOS and Android versions.

Users with a Sonos hi-fi system can also access their Sonos Favorites playlists from the color touch screen on the Harmony Ultra remote, or through the free Harmony app on a tablet or smartphone.

Through the Harmony app, users can now bring up a search field and use the mobile device’s keyboard to enter text or speak the desired search terms. The iOS app uses Siri voice recognition, while the Android version uses Android Speech Recognition. This update lets the user search faster and more efficiently for content on Apple TV, Roku, PC, and Mac.

Finally, the latest update simplifies third-party device setup and makes the Harmony remotes able to automatically detect Phillips Hue Lights, Roku boxes, Sonos speakers and any other devices connected to a local network.

 Though Logitech initially intended for the Harmony Ultra to be the swan song for its remote control and digital video security sectors (which the company planned to gradually shutter last year), the device’s popularity and versatility led to Logitech’s decision to hold on to the Harmony line. Logitech announced the reversal of its plan simultaneously with the release of Harmony Ultimate Hub, which brought smartphone-as-universal-remote functionality.

Logitech’s latest Harmony update was made available for download today. The company plans to show off its Harmony devices’ new Sonos capabilities via Google Hangout on June 11 at 1 p.m. EST.

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