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Lucasfilm begins work on sequel series to 1988 fantasy film Willow for Disney+

Production on the Willow sequel series is officially underway, according to writer Jon Kasdan. On Twitter, Kasdan shared an image of a cap bearing an animated picture of the title character, effectively confirming that the project is getting made.

The office is open.

— Jon Kasdan (@JonKasdan) January 6, 2020

Ron Howard, who directed the original Willow film, teased the series last year by revealing that discussions were taking place to bring the project to Disney+. “I think it’d be a great way to go,” he said, “In fact, George [Lucas, who wrote the story the 1988 film was based on and served as an executive producer] always talked about the possibility of a Willow series, and it’d be great and more intimate, and built around that character and some of the others.”

At the time, Howard also explained how instrumental Kasdan was in getting the project going, describing his pitch as “an inspired take on it and it could be really, really cool.” Kasdan originally expressed interest while shooting Solo: A Star Wars Story with Howard.

Warwick Davis, who has previously expressed his interest in revisiting the world of Willow, is expected to reprise the titular role in the new sequel series. Val Kilmer, who played Willow’s friend and ally Madmartigan in the original film, has yet to commit to the series. No other cast commitments have been announced.

The original high fantasy classic was directed by Howard and written by Bob Dolman. It followed Willow, a young Nelwyn (a dwarf-like race in the realm of the story) farmer who becomes a hero when he is unexpectedly tasked with protecting an infant from a sinister queen. Although it grossed $110 million at the worldwide box office, Willow was met with mixed reviews and even scorn at the time of its release. It was nominated for two Golden Raspberry Awards, yet it has gained cult status over time.

For many fans, a sequel has been long overdue. Because the writers’ room has only just opened its doors, it is too early to speculate on a release date for the new Willow series. However, Kasdan’s tweet at least stands as confirmation that a sequel series is indeed underway at Lucasfilm more than 30 years later. That’s just enough information to excite those eager fans.

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