From hi-res audio files to vinyl, Marantz’s new stereo amplifier/DAC does it all

marantz unveils pm7005 stereo amplifier dac
Continuing its staggered release of a host of gorgeous new audio components, Marantz today unveiled its latest piece of its 2014 hi-fi puzzle, the $1,000 PM7005. Serving as an Integrated Stereo Amplifier, a USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC), and more, this premium device is yet another offering from the folks at Marantz designed to get the salivary glands of audio geeks everywhere working overtime.

The sleekly-sculpted PM7005 packs premium components inside, including Marantz’s proprietary HDAM SA3 circuitry, a sexy CS4398 DAC from the digital gurus at Cirrus Logic, and a high-speed “instantaneous current” power supply for a blast of juice exactly when you want it. The stereo channels deliver a claimed 80 watts per side at 4 ohms, and speakers connect with gold-plated solid brass terminals for a squeaky-clean connection.

As for sources, the PM7005 mixes a bit of old-school in with the new. Through its USB-B connection, the device will operate as a high quality soundcard for your computer, able to playback hi-res 192kHz/24 bit audio files, as well as DSD files in both 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz. But it also includes a phono connection input paired with Marantz’s Analog Mode, which switches off digital circuitry for a pure sound from all your favorite records.

Additional features for the PM7005 include digital optical and coaxial inputs, a remote control,  a signal isolator for DAC Mode, and a current feedback phono equalizer to help insure the purest listening, from 1s and 0s to analog grooves.

Marantz’s new $1,000 PM7005 Integrate Amplifier with USB-DAC is slated for availability from select Marantz dealers beginning in August.

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