Martin Logan announces new Aeon “i” speaker

Aeon i builds upon the foundation of the Aeon loudspeaker by incorporating several new design innovations. These include a Generation 2 stat panel featuring ClearSpar technology, a NAC (naturalambience compensation) driver, improved low-end performance, and enhanced cabinet and stator finishes. Compared to the Aeon loudspeaker, the only things that remain the same in the new Aeon i are thecabinet shape, wood trim options, power cords and spikes.

The Aeon i’s new Generation 2 stat panel featuring ClearSpar technology provides impedance tolerance and maximum adhesion and abrasion resistance. ClearSpar technology enhances Aeon i’s transparentlook and increases both efficiency and dynamics.

NAC (natural ambience compensation) improves off-axis high-frequency dispersion, assuring listeners of performance whether they’re seated or standing. A true audiophile solution, the NAC is parallelto the signal path and features an on/off switch to adjust for listener preference.

The discretely sized Aeon i also features a state-of-the-art aluminum woofer and bass reflex design that deliver punch in the low end while blending with the electrostatic transducer.

MartinLogan’s hybrid speaker engineering maintains controlled dispersion and dynamic range while minimizing room interaction. Aeon i expands its high frequency response and precision with newcrossover topology, audiophile grade components and point-to-point wiring. Aeon i’s custom designed components, along with its electrostatic and dynamic drivers, all combine to provide high levelsever of transparency, linearity and integration.

Enhanced cabinet and stator finishes, standard on the Aeon i, include tougher new semi-gloss black cabinet finish and new Meteor colored stators (electrostatic panel elements). The Aeon i isavailable with a variety of hand-finished trim options and is supplied with proprietary ETC spikes to enhance bass performance and bi-wire, high-resolution, toolless binding posts for cableattachment and management.

The MartinLogan Aeon i is retailing for $3,295 per pair and is currently shipping.