MartinLogan Announces Montage Loudspeaker

In addition to ATF transducer technology, MartinLogan’s design team developed the Montage utilizing woofers and cabinetry based on the MartinLogan Clarity and Mosaic loudspeakers. The innovative,high-performance Montage excels as a stereo main, home theater main or effects channel in a myriad of room sizes and configurations. The Montage is supplied with toolless binding posts for effortlesscable attachment and management.

The MartinLogan ATF transducer consists of a micro-thin, low mass diaphragm with an ultra-light, etched conductive aluminum surface suspended between two high field strength neodymium super magnetarrays. When an electrical current (music signal) passes through the etched aluminum on the diaphragm’s surface it is simultaneously pulled towards one of the neodymium arrays and pushed away fromthe opposing. When the direction of current is reversed the diaphragm is simultaneously pushed and pulled in the opposite direction, thus producing sound. This concept is called push-pull and is amajor contributor to the linearity and sonic superiority of ATF transducers.

ATF diaphragms are constructed of extremely low mass Dupont Kaladex PEN (polyethylene naphthalate)—a material chemically similar to the low-mass PET (polyethylene terathylate) film used inMartinLogan’s generation 2 electrostatic transducers, yet capable of handling the high thermal requirements needed for stable magnetic thin film operation. Full surface drive capabilities allow thisdurable, low mass diaphragm to remain discretely sized, yet achieve extremely low-distortion levels with superior resolution, according to MartinLogan.

Utilizing the same motor, cone and chassis structure as the innovative Clarity loudspeaker, Montage’s 8-inch, high-resolution woofer, according to MartinLoagan, delivers a low-end with accuracy andauthority.

Montage’s cabinet consists of multiple laminates sonically welded for extreme rigidity. It is available in two distinctive cabinet finishes (natural cherry and black).

The audio industry has long recognized that late arrival reflective information significantly enhances the ambient nature of sound reproduction. This ambient reflective information dramaticallycontributes to a realistic, “you are there” listening experience. MartinLogan’s dipole radiation pattern (radiating out of phase information from both the front and back) ideally interacts with yourlistening environment to create this realistic sound stage. The Montage’s radiation pattern has been contoured to emulate the same dipole characteristics as MartinLogan’s standard settingelectrostatic technology, resulting in the same sound staging and 3-dimensionality.

The Montage is now shipping for at a retail price of $1,495 per pair.