Mitsubishi 2005 Line Show Coverage

Quote from the article:

“Mitsubishi held their annual line show in Orlando, Florida this year on April 8, 2005, introducing thirteen all-new Digital Cable Ready (DCR) HDTV models. Mitsubishi has always been “The Big TV Company,” and it now has a new logo this year, signaling that the company and its products are “A Cut Above” other brands.  And, from the look of the new models, Mitsubishi may just be onto something.  The company continues to be a strong proponent of MicroDisplay HDTVs, especially DLP, and is bullish about the emerging high definition TV market.   

Mr. Max Wasinger, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, reminded all press attendees that “the holy grail of HDTV is 1080p,” and their new line of DLP HDTV sets all include 1080p upconversion.  He added that “If it’s DLP from Mitsubishi, its 1080p!”   He noted that Mitsubishi is now ranked number 2 (in unit sales) with a 15.3-percent market share in the projection TV market.  Wasinger further noted that Mitsubishi was also rated number 1 in Customer Satisfaction in 2004 by J.D. Powell & Associates, which is something that he is quite proud of.  So, while Mitsubishi may not be as large as Sony, RCA, or Samsung per se, it’s clearly a powerhouse of stylish technological development.”

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