Mitsubishi Says Laser is HDTV’s Future

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, today at their annual dealer line show, showcased what they are calling the world’s first laser based, high definition television. Why should you care, you say? Because, according to Mitsubishi, this HDTV technology advancement “enables a completely new look in large screen television, both in high-performance picture reproduction and sleek, lightweight, and compact design”.

This new laser technology, said Mitsubishi, utilizes separate red, green and blue semiconductor lasers in an implementation together with Texas Instrument’s 1080p DLP HDTV chip. This combination reportedly offers an expanded color depth and the widest color gamut possible from any display source, including LED-lighted displays. It will also provide for “a more compact footprint than today’s flat panel plasma and LCD televisions, which require stand depths of up to 15 inches at 50-inch screen sizes to stabilize such relatively top-heavy glass-based displays. In contrast, laser technology will enable a lighter display product with a significantly lower center of gravity, providing improved stability in a thinner base dimension”.

“With laser-based HDTV technology, Mitsubishi will create another first in the large-screen television category as it has over the last three decades with introductions such as the first 50-inch rear projection TV, the first 35-inch direct view TV and, as recently as last year, the first 1080p DLP HDTV,” said Mitsubishi Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Max Wasinger, in a statement.

No specific release dates were announced regarding televisions equipped with this laser HDTV technology.