Monsoon Announces Havasoft, Rally Support

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Fresh off being sued for violating the GPL license of a software package embedded in its Hava devices, Monsoon Multimedia has announced Havasoft, a new software package that can bring TiVo-like DVR capability to any PC wth a television tuner. In addition, Havasoft can take advantage of in-house Wi-Fi so the computer can act as wireless network TV tuner for several Media Center PCs in a household.

"We developed HavaSoft for our OEM partners to bundle with their products to add place-shifting and video streaming capabilities to further enhance their TV solutions for new customers and extend these features to customers who already own TV tuner enabled PCs," said Monsoon’s executive VP of Marketing and Sales, in a statement.

Havasoft supports Windows Vista, permits archived video recordings to saved off to DVD, and even supports Windows Mobile-enable phones and PDAs. Expect to see Havasoft in early 2008, although pricing hasn’t been determined.

Monsoon also announced it will support Microsoft WIndows Rally connectivity technology across its entire Hava line, so they can all easily connect to WIndows PCs or the Internet.