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MovieLaLa wants to show that trailers are the new movies with Trailer TV

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It seems that everything these days is getting shorter. Tweets, Vine, and Snapchat all show that quick, even ephemeral experiences are increasingly desirable. And we’re even beginning to see that with movies, with trailers getting their own teaser trailers.

MovieLaLa, a social network built for movie fans, is taking this concept a step further with its new Apple TV app, Trailer TV. The app does exactly as the name suggests, looking to be the first place users go when they’re looking for the trailer for a specific movie, or for a range of trailers to help them decide what to watch.

“Movie fans love to watch trailers for upcoming films when they go to the cinema,” MovieLaLa CEO Dana Loberg said in a statement. “MovieLaLa wanted to give fans the same experience at home, with more control to skip, ‘heart’ or watch the trailers they want to see. Personalization is the future of entertainment, which is why Trailer TV also focuses on customizing the upcoming feed for each individual user and allows the user to see more movies they’re actually interested in watching.”

The more time users spend the with app, the more likely they are to find unexpected trailers that might appeal to them, as liking and skipping trailers helps to better teach the app your tastes. Trailer TV also features notifications for new trailers and Facebook integration for those who prefer to be more social about their tastes in movies.

Given the nature of the Apple TV, entertainment apps are far and away the most popular on the platform, and MovieLaLa has made good use of this. The company says that aside from Apple’s own iTunes trailers, Trailer TV is the most popular trailer app on the platform.

“The days of hunting and pecking on an old film website for what you might want to watch are over,” Loberg said. “Users want direct delivery of content that interests them rather than wasting time with trailers for movies they won’t watch. With Trailer TV, we bring personalization to fans who can delightfully watch movies they want to see and enjoy sharing them with friends.”

For more information, either search the Apple TV App Store for Trailer TV, or head to the MovieLaLa website for more information.

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